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April 2010 wallpapers

March is going towards its end now. Don't worry we are here with new wallpapers/calendars for April. Three of these wallpapers are designed based on Daisy flower, as its my favorite. I hope you will like them.

1. Green-strings

Guitar is one of my favorite musical instruments and April is celebrated as International Guitar month. So, I have designed this wallpaper to express my love for Guitar. :D

2. Love-desire

This is fourth wallpaper of my Ant series. When someone is in love, they try to fulfill every desire of their partner in order to woo them. In this wallpaper, Joy (Big grey ant) bought a diamond ring and present that gift to Rose ( Small black ant). Now, lets see what happens next month..

3. Golfers day

10th of April is celebrated as Golfer's Day. This day is an opportunity to be thankful to one who invented this addicting, yet relaxing game. This wallpaper is my tribute to Golf. I hope Tiger Woods  would like it. :)
4. April-daisy

I chose Daisy flower  as a theme for this wallpaper because it is known as birth flower for April (my birth month) :P I used only two effects i.e. (Drop shadow & Inner glow) of Photoshop to design this wallpaper. I hope you will also like them…

5. Spring-fun

Spring is the season of fun and joy. I have used spring and daisy flowers to express the joy. Even the fonts are adding funny mood to this wallpaper.

6. Delighted

The only word that come into my mind is 'Delighted' when I see this beautiful, charming and innocent creation of God. That is my way to appreciate beauty of Daisy flower.

We will be back with some new Wallpapers/Calendars next month, till then, See ya!

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  1. Srikanta says:

    My favorite "Green-Strings".

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